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Welcome to Nirvana Academy of Violin

Experience a whole different style of violin lessons in Calgary with violin teachers that not only make you fall in love with violin, but also help you increase your body strength, improve your balance, your focus and make your artistic and musical side emerge and shine. Your child is a lot more gifted than you may have ever thought or imagined!

About Nirvana Academy of Violin in Calgary

We are not your typical violin school. We have a very unique approach towards teaching violin that helps students learn much faster than others. At Nirvana Academy of Violin, adults and children in Calgary can now develop their violin techniques with very unique violin teachers. The academy is designed to provide a positive, dynamic, and professional way to learn violin and music in Calgary. Whether you are a beginner student or looking to advance your violin playing skills, or even if you are thriving to become a violin teacher, our violin academy is the right place that guarantees to meet your needs. Our violin classes are designed and supervised by a highly experienced and professional music teacher.

Nirvana Academy of Violin guarantees to provide the best technique and fast improvement with a unique style of teaching. Our violin school provides private violin lessons, master classes, childrens violin orchestra, violin teacher training, group Suzuki classes for children and more. Visit the Classes page to learn more about the music lessons and services offered by Nirvana Academy of Violin.

Our Philosophy

Violinists are both athletes and artists! We believe that approaching the violin first as sport and then as art will make a huge difference in the way we learn the violin. In our violin lessons, we work around 4 major elements to shape the student into a strong performer; those 4 elements are strength, balance, focus, and art.

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Learn the Correct Technique

Learn the most proper and correct technique In order to create the best sound and to improve rapidly


Learn how to be Confident

Being confident involves many factors which play major roles in the performance. Learn how to be really confident when you perform


Improve 3x Faster than other Students

With unique methods and skills of teaching, students will be guaranteed to improve 3 times faster than other violin students


Learn how to use your imagination

A violinist is an actor who has to tell a story without using their voices. Students will be taught how to narrate stories through their instrument

While we work on strengthening the body and posture of the student, we integrate exercises to improve balance. Once balance is in the picture and student learns to be more grounded, we help them to improve their focus through our creative “focus improvement” techniques. While we focus on “strength, balance and focus”, we then work on strengthening student’s listening ability and their creativity and help them with the artistic part of playing the violin.

What Does Your Child Get

  • Learn the violin faster than other students
  • Improved posture
  • Stronger upper body
  • Improved focus
  • Improved balance
  • Improved self esteem
  • Ability to play an instrument which many people dream of playing
  • Performing in sophisticated group setting
  • Receiving instructions with highly trained teachers
  • Professionally taken pictures and videos from the 2 recitals they do per year
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Private violin lessons

Private Violin Lessons

Private lessons are offered for students age 4-60. Students may take 1 or 2 lessons per week depending on their capacity, age, and their commitment level. 30 minute lessons are usually more suitable for age 4 or 5. Lessons are focused both on Suzuki method (ear training) and traditional method (note reading).

Children’s Violin Orchestra

Children’s violin orchestra lessons are provided twice a month as a supplementary program to the private lessons, however, students experience other types of musical activities apart from performing together. These lessons demand students to listen to each other with high concentration which as a result their listening ability increase tremendously.

RCM Exam Preparation

At Nirvana Academy of Violin, we encourage our students to participate in the RCM exams and receive official certificates on their violin performance skills. 100% of our students have received passing grades and some have received the RCM’s Gold Medal. We prepare students with ear training, technical material and repertoires.

Orchestra and University Audition

Many violin students who get to a higher level of performance want to audition for different orchestras and advance their performance skills in a group setting. Nirvana Academy of Violin is the place where can prepare these students to achieve their goals.

Violin Teacher Training

Violin students who have passed their level 9 exam (practical, theory, counterpoint, harmony, and history) and are interested in teaching violin are welcome to contact Nirvana for a teacher training program. Nirvana will teach them the teaching techniques and train them to become a competitive teachers.


At the Nirvana Academy of Violin, students perform at 2 prestigious violin recitals every year. Recitals are combinations of solo performances (students level 4+) and group performance (Suzuki students level 1-3). Students have 2 violin group rehearsals before each recital.

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Your Opinion Matters

Our daughter Ginevra has been learning to play the violin with Nirvana for over 3 years since she was 5, and the experience is great! The violin is not an easy instrument to learn, but Nirvana makes it fun to learn, and teaches it always with a smile. Her teaching is very well balanced since it includes a “technical” part (scales, arpeggios, posture, etc.) and a “fun” part (the pieces from the Suzuki method, which is excellent for kids). Thanks to Nirvana, Ginevra loves playing the violin and passed her Level 2 exam at the RCM. We highly recommend Nirvana and her Academy to anyone wishing to learn the violin in a pleasant and effective manner.
Angelo Bellettini, Google review
Nirvana is an enthusiastic teacher with a wealth of knowledge. She helped me grow as a violinist in many facets.
Madison Rose Taylor, Facebook review
This academy is the highest instructional level. Nirvana and her instructors are caring and strive for perfection while making it an enjoyable experience.
Peter P., Google review
Nirvana is great person and excellent teacher. Highly recommended.
Veronica Gonzalez, Facebook review
When we joined Nirvana 4 years ago, both my sons were ready to ditch violin playing for good. Nirvana’s fun, innovative and encouraging teaching style made a difference! Today, my older son has totally embraced his journey as a violinist alongside one of Nirvana’s fabulous teachers. My younger son on the other hand, found his niche playing the drums with a Nirvana- approved drum teacher. They are both committed to their music education, are excelling in their music exams and have become fine musicians, courtesy Nirvana!
Pele Williams, Google review
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